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Android TV App DevelopmentWith Google finally foraying into your living rooms with Android TV, the scene is all set to change in terms of how a TV in far future will be expected to work. With the new platform, TVs are expected to become much more intelligent, fun, powerful and useful. You'd be able to use Google Play over TV and access all the android applications and features while probably using cable/ broadcaster's network.

What's new on offer?

Android TV is an alternative to the erstwhile Google TV that did not quite click as per plan for Google and had to be put on the backburner about four years. It is going to let you access each and every Android application development happening in India and outside with steady use of Google Play.  It will let you surf between channels using voice commands, like fetch all movies on air by a particular director or surfing a program by title etc. You'll be able to use the TV using some android-based mobile application instead of unoriginal TV remote control.  You'd be able to play all the android-based games available on Google Play, whether developed internationally or locally by one of the budding Android application development services in Noida in India.

What are the departures from Google TV?

Unlike Google TV, Android TV does away with QWERTY keyboard and remote control norms.  It also gives viewers the opportunity to use rather conventional means to play video games, like remote controls and classic game pads, so that they enjoy games better.  The idea is to bring full-on entertainment in your drawing room / living room – through a TV that could be used in conjunction with any smart phone, desktop, tablet etc.

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