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Attendance Management SystemLet's face it – improper management of time and attendance of employees can result in the decrease of productivity, administrative and management cost. Online attendance management system provides you with all the tools and technologies for efficient management of employee time and attendance. We are all aware of the fact that delays and errors in payroll arise due to failure of integration of employee attendance along with payroll.

Companies need to spend substantial hours for the purpose of consolidating the attendance of the employees with the payroll. More often than not, the payroll department for organizations operating from multiple locations has to wait for the respective locations to send the attendance data due to lack of any means to update and consolidate attendance on a day to day basis. Some of the advantages of payroll management system include:

  • Leaves can be seamlessly integrated with your time card
  • You can generate payroll based on the cards of the employee
  • You can easily eliminate errors in payroll as you are equipped with the same attendance data available in payroll

School attendance management system is a full featured solution for schools of all sizes and types for the purpose of attendance planning, review and to have more control over efficient management of time. You are guaranteed with a complete enhancement of functions and processes with the use of the automation technology for carrying out day to day manual routines. Likewise, employee attendance management system helps you to monitor employees in time, out time, and the total number of hours worked. You can even track time alongside attendance form anytime and anywhere.

What's more, capturing of entry and exit data is made easy by the software and even modifies attendance modules to changing needs. Proper implementation of leave management along with efficient online time attendance system sums up for an elaborate, meaningful and complete attendance of time. Attendance and leave management system can manage different types of leave such as sick leave, annual leave etc. Not only that, you can even organize and manage the employee entitled and opening leave.

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