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Egovernance is one of the easiest and comprehensive means used by government departments to reach out to citizens by giving out information, delivering government services and exchanging information among other things. With a large number of people having easy access to internet, citizens use information and communication technology (ICT) to empower themselves with knowledge. Egovernance makes available efficient and transparent services to people conveniently.

E-governance solutions provide a unique opportunity to government departments to meet the challenges they face in communicating with citizens. India is a vast country and the challenges faced by the government can be tackled with egovernance. In today's age of information dissemination, timely resolution of issues is vital. Citizens are increasingly accessing information from the web at both macro and micro levels to empower themselves with data and facts. E-governance solutions are an easy and cost effective means of reaching out to people from different backgrounds.

  • Content Management System(CMS) based multi-lingual Portal/Website development
  • Alert-based Monitoring & E-governance systems
  • Data conversion/ Migration support
  • Bespoke Web & Mobile Application Development
  • G2C Information/Communication services
  • Citizen governance solution

Access of precise information to citizens is vital for any government organization/department. It is the simplest way of strengthening the relationship between the government and its citizens. In a vast country like India that has people from diverse language, religion, community and socio-economic the egovernance requirements and solutions are also unique. Egovernance solution providers are specially equipped to deal with all types of government requirements like digitizing information, integrating data, multilingual capability, effective complaint handling and others.

E-governance software solutions can be customized based on specific departmental requirements. Each government department is different and has unique needs and requirements. E-governance software solution providers look into specific requirements and design their solutions around that. This ensures that departments are equipped to provide specialized solutions suitable to one and all.

The project management skills and wide-ranging technology capabilities of the solutions offer – data conversion/migration support, citizen governance solutions, multi-lingual content management system, website maintenance and development, alert based monitoring services and mobile application development.

E-governance erp solutions streamline and integrate business process and information flow to collaborate resources. These ERP solutions are an effective way of improving technology which can help in keeping the department ahead of others. The main focus here is to provide all-inclusive, intelligent information to users via a single login. This system is specifically designed keeping in mind the role, position and hierarchy of the users in the organization. Using ERP solution ensures minimum risk from attrition and non-performance. It can deliver relevant information to officials in advance, so that corrective measures if required can be undertaken effortlessly.


for e-Governance solution with a specialized blend of consulting, technology, digital marketing & mobility platform enablement that helps government agencies to gain a strategic competitive advantage and to solve business challenges

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