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"Createing a Web Site for the MOBILE"

Why to Create a Web Site for the Phones?

Mobile browsing is on the rise and your website needs to seamlessly render on the iPhone given its popularity. Though iPhone displays most websites, users often have to pinch zoom to read the text. It is important for you to get over this small hitch. You need experienced/expert designer for this and have to resort to consulting a reputed (read, trust-worthy) iPhone app development company in India.

Why India? Because of the cost benefits – and of course, the sheer bulk of projects those Indian talents attend in a year. You have got experience and cost benefits to enjoy by subscribing to Indian talents. For others, with no so much restriction over their budget, there are hundreds of developers worldwide who too can be approached for an iPhone-centric solution

How to get on with iPhone-centric Website

Here are a few basic development tips that every business owner (seeking a website for iOS) and developers intending to develop website for the iPhone versions must pay heed to.

Set Viewport Width – Start by setting the viewport width within the section of HTML page. Choose "device-width" over pixels as this makes the site compatible with all devices.

Additional CSS – If you use the same HTML for iPhone and browser you need to create an additional CSS for small screen clients.

Go For Dynamism – This is one of the best ways to go about it. Generate the site dynamically using PHP or Rails. Here you can create suitable headers for different devices. A little customization of <head> section is all you would need to do.

Scrolling Bug –Mobile Safari has a small bug that creates trouble in normal scrolling and can act as a turnoff for the users. You can overcome this problem with a little bit of JavaScript  enhancing user experience

Create An Icon – Create an attractive icon that allows iPhone users to bookmark your website and thus you can earn their loyalty.

Getting rid of third parties –There is absolutely no need of any third party technology when you get a native platform to use. You will get to use a technology that you are most familiar with! It goes beyond saying that the Windows Mobile gaming development companies in India and elsewhere will be able to produce a high-quality, functional game when working with native technology.

Ones interested in Indian talents, and willing to hire a professional iPhone application development company, must ensure the ease of communication and project plan before setting on to outsource the work.

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