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"Employee Leave Management System to track of Employee Attendance."


Employee leave management system is efficient software that let employees apply for leave directly online, access time off related information along with viewing their leave balances. You can export/import data for integrating with other applications – saving your valuable resources and time.

Processes such as managing employee absence, making payments, calculating leave accruals have always been a challenging task for the Human Resource department as they are extremely time consuming alongside wasting employees' productivity. In order to get rid of the hectic and tedious process of the manual application for leave and approval, big organizations and groups, it has become imperative for large organizations and groups to use online and electronic management systems that make the process of leave management simple and easy. Some of the striking features of leave management system include:

  • Monitoring and recording of casual, sick, vacation and training leaves
  • Maintaining of efficiency
  • Integrated and highly configurable
  • Easy customization of holiday lists
  • Reduction in lost time
  • Saving money and time spent on administrative work

Online leave management system is designed to scale seamlessly with businesses of any type and size – from startups to big players. The software features flexible multi location based settings that are found in enterprise class applications – helping companies to quickly implement their leave management system on the cloud. With the help of leave management solution, you can optimize your work force management globally, efficiently manage projects, labor and time, absences and leave and at the same time improve operational and employee excellence. Some of the advantages of such as system include:

  • Eliminate manual processes for tracking leave and employee absences
  • To track all type of absences globally
  • To ensure precise eligibility and entitlements
  • To gain insight into absences trends
  • To ensure a user friendly way of requesting and approving leave – complying with company policies.

Attendance and leave management system can precisely adapt to your policy and allow employees and their managers to efficiently manage their leaves. It ensures that the employees no longer have to chase their dreams and the system can keep track of the attendance of employees based on several factors.

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