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"SEO for mobile for giving your site a competitive advantage"


A successful SEO for mobile strategy will surely give your site a competitive advantage. To illustrate the importance of implementing a successful mobile strategy, a recent research on behalf of Google found that 74 percent of mobile users make use of a search engine during their process of purchase and 83 percent of the mobile users are willing to make a purchase within a day. Now-a-days, it has become mandatory for websites to be optimized for the user's mobile device. But sites designed solely for PC's are not able to perform efficiently on mobile devices unless and until they are made mobile friendly. An effective SEO strategy is always guided by the needs of the users and is often different than that of the desktop users.

Below is a brief rundown of the six essential elements employed by a mobile company for SEO for mobile apps

User experience is the most important factor that impacts a site's ability to engage its visitors – having a direct impact on the rankings and a site's ability to generate conversions. A SEO for mobile strategy ensures great experience to improve your site's ranking, enhancing its ability to engage and convert visitors into customers.

A successful strategy for mobile application ensures that your mobile pages load at a very fast speed to deliver a positive experience which is important for a good user experience and ensures high rankings.

A mobile application SEO ensures that your site works well on a mobile device and the optimized site takes full advantage of all the functions of mobile devices including voice, camera, SMS, global positioning system and so on. However, mobile SEO should not be considered separate from desktop SEO. They are in fact two different parts of a complete SEO strategy. A comprehensive SEO strategy allows consumers to find products and services alongside a great user experience regardless of the device used.

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