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Mobile Gaming Development: The Future in here!

So far, the year 2014 has been a happening year for the mobile game development industry. A debate started amongst the mobile game developers on the topic for development of a native mobile game app.

Benefits of developing a native technology

Best meets the needs - Software is created for best running on a particular hardware. It is assumed that a specific code written for a specific hardware will lead to maximum performance and give great satisfaction to the users. Native development will perfectly suit the needs of a specific hardware without any problem.

Having native UX and UI – Native development by mobile gaming companies will help to create a UI and UX that will enhance the performance level of a mobile game leading to error-free playing any time.

Getting rid of third parties –There is absolutely no need of any third party technology when you get a native platform to use. You will get to use a technology that you are most familiar with! It goes beyond saying that the Windows Mobile gaming development companies in India and elsewhere will be able to produce a high-quality, functional game when working with native technology.

However, just as everything else has a positive side and a negative side, the native development is no exception to that.

Using a native technology

Fragmentation or optimization – There are different mobile gaming platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. along with different versions (tablet, current, etc.). Developing native mobile apps means mobile gaming companies in Noida, India need to create complex codes and intense optimization to bring cross-platform compatibility.

Require updates: Native development will require periodic updating to best support all mobile gaming versions.

11th month challenge – With changing time, mobile game development companies in India will hire smart new developers to create native OS for different mobile phones such as for Samsung, Android tablets, etc. to successfully meet 11th month challenge. It means developers will have to justify the cost of developing a specific game against the revenue generated by that game.

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