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"Our robust web-based solution for performance evaluation of individuals representing a competitive set up. "


Online evaluation system (OEM) developed by Pratham Vision is a robust web-based solution for performance evaluation of individuals representing a competitive set up. Relevant for everybody from educational institutions to corporate organizations - to other agencies requiring evaluation of the performance of their staff - would find it immensely useful. The online performance evaluation system has been designed to conduct online tests of all sorts. The system allows the user enterprise to test prospective employee candidates as well as evaluate and explore skill set of existing manpower/students. The online assessment software is cross-platform compatible, machine-independent - and as a result, can be easily accessed from several locations at any given point of time.


  • Web-based application that is cross browser compatible and machine independent
  • Administrative regulation over every aspect of an evaluation process- including topics, chapter, subjects and courses
  • Bias-free evaluation - as the system does not allow human intervention at any juncture including records management, evaluation, tracking processes
  • Being highly scalable, the online employee evaluation system is fit for everyone across a broad budgetary bandwidth - and with respect to organizations of varying scales and sizes


  • Question bank that's flexible in terms of marking of each level, module and category of questions
  • Facility for need-based, open or time-bound creation of examinations
  • URL-based browsing and login-id based entry into the system. Different login permissions for different user types
  • Simple and intuitive graphical user interface online with administrative/ user rights to create sets of questions in a jiffy


  • Reduced evaluation and assessment costs
  • Real-time results for participants of online tests and ready summary of the result for the examiners/ evaluators
  • Examinations can be taken by non-registered as well as registered participants
  • Easy to create 'role-based user' accounts
  • Secure storage of questions and results by restricting access to the database by authorized access only

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