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The telecommunication industry is one of the most prominent and fastest growing in the world today. Telecom management software is thus a strong need being felt every day. Competition is rising in this field like it is in any other and thus businesses fight with one another to get more customer attention and retain it for longer. Simpler and more customized solutions are targeted so that the customer's needs can be fulfilled like no one else has been able to. We work towards helping you achieve these goals in a better way. We aid in the growth of telecommunication business by providing support from all aspects. Not only do we provide software solutions but also help you manage your budget and work according to it.

CONVERGENT CHARGING: Convergent Charging solution helps communication service providers with convergence in real-time rating, charging and billing.

MOBILE BROADBAND MANAGEMENT: Mobile operators can use a tailored policy management strategy to enhance the customer engagement with an innovative services offering and monetize it with real-time BSS integration.

VALUE ADDED SERVICES: In such a competitive communication market, service providers need to engage new strategies in order to differentiate and compete successfully

We help you get easily comprehensible scores so that you know why customers are accepting or rejecting your offers which in turn contributes towards your company's growth. Our application development for telecom industry is an ongoing process which aims to introduce new and improved services every now and then. Our software allow you to get an idea about expenses forthcoming, maintain your bills and keep a tap on all your transactions. We have faculties to help you understand what demands your customers are experiencing and what services they might be looking for along with their lifestyles, calling patterns and such other demographic details as may be needed for the betterment of your services.

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    Business Support Systems (BSS)

    Digital Media Platforms

    Value Added Services (VAS)

    Mobile Applications

    Our telecom billing software development efforts are geared towards enabling you to get accurate expenditure records. You will be able to generate more accurate bills, avoid troubles in placing calls and other services, as well as, print, mail and send bills through other procedures. Your employees will also be able to handle customer details, email and other information with ease and work faster with more efficiency. Our software also comes up with backing up options to avoid loss of data in case of any mishaps. This also includes email backing up and on devices such as laptops too. Through time, we have been able to form reliable bonds with a number of reputed organizations who have found their perfect IT software solutions with us.

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Information Technology is driving the world of business and it has become the fulcrum that pushes a business on the growth trajectory. Business of all scales and sizes are drawing leverage out of Internet's vast potential. Being a leading software development company in Noida, India we take pride in the trust of a wide-spread of clients and in our ability to offer end-to-end IT solutions to business of all shapes and sizes, spread around the world.