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Are you searching for the right ways to market your business on twitter? If this is so, then you have certainly landed at the precise part of the web. Twitter marketing is all about embarking on the right approaches to get more tweets, more followers and ultimately more prospects for your business. Whether you are trying to get the word out for a new online sale or just want people to know about your latest piece of software, there are certain tried and tested tools and techniques that you'll surely want to employ. Basically there are three categories to break down into the twitter popularity: tweet layout, using your followers and using your competitors.

Tweet layout: According to a recent study, the clink through rate for links was higher on average when the links were closer to the beginning. Twitter has been working hard and fast to upgrade its service with enhancements like pictures in tweets, video and ultimately GIFs on tweets.

Using your followers on Twitter: Certainly there will be people who are followers of your company because they are fans of a feature or certain piece of software you promote. All you need to do is work hard and create specific contents for them and offering them with @mentions in your tweet.

How to use your competitors on Twitter: With the use of Twitter's Advanced Search, you can refine a search and find your competitors' hash tags and customers. Features such as geo location and keyword search function of Twitter Advanced Search, you can narrow down your parameters to the keywords that are important to you and even find potential clients in the country or city you are interested in.

In the world of marketing on Twitter, you can not only share followers with your competitors, but also can have common interests and followers. So, with all the similarities, you can even follow the competition and see what your competitors are up to. The twitter marketing services are targeted to grow and find your followers and post keyword targeted information to drive the desired traffic to your site.

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