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A rapidly emerging market that is ripe for innovation and ideas, wearable fitness technology has become the latest buzz in technology and has been one of the top markets for the fitness conscious consumer market. The gift of wearable app development has made life incredibly easy for consumers with health conditions, caregivers who are in charge of monitoring the ill and the elderly, medical clinicians, and even for HR departments who seek to improve the safety of employee, wellness and organizational efficiency. According to a recent research, the worldwide revenue from wearable electronic devices services and apps for fitness is estimated to soar by 200 % in the next couple of years. The reputed firms for developing wearable applications have the experience of working with some of the most amazing firms for fitness technology. With the right amalgamation of embedded low level software, cloud architecture, data visualization and mobile applications, they deliver a winning package that is ensured to catch the attention of both the developer and the consumer.

The development services for wearable technology include the use of wearable apps and sensors – thus creating a communication bridge for your smart devices. The expert team of software and hardware engineers will work with your team of product development to build scalable and speedy software backend. The experts will optimize the on device and web interfaces for your users in order to build easy and compelling applications for the leading mobile platforms. The process of software development encompasses:

Drivers for Linux devices, power management

  • Embedded software for microcontrollers that include ARM7, ARM 9, ARM 11, Cortex –MO, Cortex M-4, Linux, and RTOS
  • Drivers for Linux devices, power management
  • Server side distributed data collection and storage
  • Big data analytics
  • Social integration, data visualization etc

Likewise the development of hardware encompasses:

  • Industrial electronics and compact devices
  • Ultra- low voltage devices
  • Ruggedized electronics
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Telemetry/biotelemetry and telemechanics

A wearable app development company has the capacity to bring your ideas to life – whether it is on Android Wear or any other emerging platform.

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