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A school management system (SMS) is an online software application that can be used to effectively administer and manage several learning related activities in a school, college, university, kindergarten, training centers, and such other organizations and institutes. School management system software is web-based which means it can be accessed from any location worldwide. A rising number of educational institutes and professional organizations today are using SMS to manage diverse learning or training related activities in a seamless manner.

AN EASY-TO-USE, MODERN INTERFACE: The interface of SMS is simple and easy for a non-technical person to access the same for his benefit. You don't need to install any software or plug-ins to start running the system in your place. There is also no requirement for purchasing any hardware. A person knowing the fundamentals of computer and email can easily operate the web-based school management system within a few minutes from the first log-in.

CUSTOMIZABLE IS POSSIBLE: Schools, colleges and such other organizations can easily customize the SMS to meet their unique needs. Moreover, you can add your school logo and use an in-built theme to enhance the look and feel of the system.

A CLOUD-BASED SYSTEM: One of the main advantages of using SMS is that they are cloud-based. It means the system is hosted on a cloud platform which allows universal access of the school management software in India as well as across the world. Thus, school management software makes sure you use the system 24/7 to efficiently manage all class-related or training-related activities.

HIGHLY SECURED AND RELIABLE: A school management system is highly secured. It helps to keep the personal and learning related data confidential. Thus, the system helps to effectively store all important information for viewing the same by an authorized person only.

WIDE RANGE OF PLUG-INS AVAILABLE: The top school management systems come with many useful features and plug-ins to make it easier for people to manage and administer the students and learning activities.

MOBILE VERSION AVAILABLE: Best of SMS has a mobile version to let the users easily access the system using their smartphone without the need to install any hardware or software.

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