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The AdWords campaign is an advertising system of Google whereby internet users will be able to see a text ad appear on the right hand side of their google search results when they search for something related to your services or products. The ad appears as a 'sponsored link' and works on the 'pay per click' mechanism. This comes with an advantage – you are the one to decide where your ad will appear by bidding through a number of phrases but you only pay for the amount you have bid on the occurrence of someone clicking on your ad. Now what better a place to put your ads than the network of Google, the largest and most popular search engine around the world!

Your advertisement placed through the Google AdWords campaign will consist of a title and a short description, followed by the link of your website. Before setting out to utilise the Google AdWords services you need to be thorough about the processes involved in placing an ad. The first things to know in this regard is your advertising goal and thereby begin on listing a successful set of keywords in connection with your products, services and objectives of advertising. The next step is to create the campaign after getting an idea of Google AdWords management. Place the ad and keep checking in on the account every now and then.

Placing an advertisement via AdWords can help you promote your business in a surrogate way since does not appear as a direct pay per click ad but as a part of organic results of a search engine. Again, when users click on a pay per click or pay per view ad, they already have an idea what it is about and are deliberately choosing to check it out. Whereas, a viewer might just casually visit your website once it crops up as a sponsored link through a search engine result. The decision is yours to make – whether you want to think about the positives or the possible negatives. The major deciding point in this regard will be your business goals.

  • Keyword Search and Selection
  • Ad copy Creation
  • Optimization of Landing Pages
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Ad Submission
  • PPC Cost Management
  • PPC Monitoring
  • Campaign Improvement and Modification if required
  • Reporting

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