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"Recover from Google Penguin, Google Penguin and other penalties that cause traffic drops."


'Penguin' is the next virtual animal that Google has unleashed after 'Panda' and has proved to be a nightmare to webmasters since its launch. Owing to Penguin, if your website has been one of those that have suffered a massive trash, then our expert Google Penguin Recovery Services can help you overcome the doom. The strategized services have been specially crafted to rectify the causes of downfall of your site and to help it stand tall and strong again on Goggle's Search Engine Listings. To put it simply, Penguin is basically a series of Google search engine algorithms changes with the purpose of improving the quality of search engine results as well reducing the impact of certain types of SEO tactics. With the help of Google Penguin Update Solutions, recovery from Penguin can be facilitated by providing a continuous service from the process of data gathering to execution.

The steps that are drafted in the 'repaid road map' to identify and then rectify the effects of Penguin and the issues face by any site include:

  • Evaluating and getting rid of un-natural and inorganic links
  • Analyzing anchor texts
  • Proprietary tools to analyze external links
  • Penguin effects such as 'cup cake effects' or 'over optimization' are duly taken care off
  • Streamlining guidelines from Google are followed in the process of pruning bad links
  • A thorough plagiarism text is performed and suggestion is made to change the duplicate and poor quality links
  • We also carry out a spam audit to look for hidden text, cloaking, and hidden links to shun them out effectively

With the help of Google Penguin Update Recovery and our penguin experts, we have been serving our clients with some convenient solutions like:

  • An array of high quality back links
  • Optimization of on site content
  • Use of rich keywords in creating articles and at the same time ensuring that they do not look like spam
  • Penguin effects such as 'cup cake effects' or 'over optimization' are duly taken care off
  • Production of weekly work reports until recovery and showing definite results of improvement.

Our experts do not consider Google Penguin as a penalty, rather as a an opportunity to practice better optimization.

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