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Android Application Packages or APKs are getting obese. As a developer, you need to keep the API size to bare minimum as this ensures your app's popularity. This is easier said than done – and the easiest step would be to hire a professional Android app development company from India (given the obvious cost benefits and the general experience of the developers). But, if you are a developer, or intending to hire a developer, here comes a list of few tips from one of the leading firms offering Android application development services from Noida.

Clean Coding – Reduce the flab by getting rid of all unused dependency libraries. Clean it regularly as this will help achieve small APKs. For older projects this can get tougher but you need to keep APKs that are essential to the app.

Run Proguard – This is one tool that would simplify your task. It optimizes and shrinks the code during compilation. Its 'tree shaking' feature goes all the paths and detects unused snippets and strips them to create a leaner APK. It also renames fields and classes to make the code lightweight.

Image Compression – This is one of the most tried and tested formulas for reducing the APK size. This is one of the first things that a firm engaged in Android application development in India would do. To cite an example an 8-bit PNG image can display 256 colors and would reduce the file size.

Reduce Resources Configurations – You might be using external libraries such as Facebook SDKAndroid Support Library or Google Play Services. These also bring in a lot of resources that aren't useful to the app and increase the file size. Doing away would help reduce APK size.

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