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Local search marketing is a big thing in the world of the web with over 20 million searches having local keywords and local intent. If reports are to be believed, 3 billion Google Search Queries every month contain local terms. Before we delve further into the subject, let us share some very important facts.

  • Around 70% of the activities in the internet are related to local content in the search engines
  • Consumers searching online will definitely prefer a localized organization for their services and products rather than an overseas organization.
  • What's more, it has been proved that 60 % of the Americans make use of local search engines to locate a local business.
  • Also, 55 % of the Americans have replaced their phone books with local online yellow pages and internet search engines.

So, the above facts clearly state the importance of local SEO in promoting your products and services online. This type of search engine marketing requires specific skills that can only be performed by skilled and experienced local search engine specialists. According to experts, search engine optimization was geared more towards the local market. But, with the advancements in technology, searches have been made more pertinent to the web visitors and hence local search has developed to be a commendable force in the search engine marketing domain. Local search engine marketing has become a very important aspect for doctors, retail stores, restaurants, hotels etc. The local search engines have taken a majority of clicks away from the organic listings.

There are a number of ways that local search engine optimization can be performed and they include:

  • Promoting websites to the local domain(s)
  • Local map listings
  • Targeting social bookmaking websites and local directories

Success in local search optimization requires knowledge and expertise to help your products and services to acquire the local market. Local search optimization services include:

  • Verification and claim of local listings
  • Managing listings for multiple locations
  • Optimization of local listings for increased local SEO traffic
  • Elimination of duplicate listings
  • Helping you to increasing and managing reviews
  • Submitting your business to additional local directories
  • Promoting your local listings

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