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MSN AdCenter or the Microsoft AdCenter advertising is a pay per click advertising service which works on Yahoo and Bing search engines. It works on the basic system that runs Google AdWords, using both PPC and the highest amount an advertiser agrees to pay per click on the ad as well as the click through rate or CTR of an advertisement. The idea is to promote better advertisement copies and to help advertisers focus on getting better customers through searches which are relevant to their services.

The system of advertising using MSN AdCenter allows advertisers to target in a better way by keeping their ads restricted by means of using a given set of demographical data and thereby increasing their bids each time the ad is seen by a user belonging to that demographics. Until a long time, there was no service which provided the same features. There are provisions for placing the ads on certain special days of the week and even hours of the day. Bing Ads gives its users a desktop tool, called Bing Ads Editor, which can be used to manage campaigns and edit them even when offline and later sync them with the online content. Advertisers can also make use of the APIs provided by Bing Ads to manage campaigns of advertisements.

If you are already using AdWords, then you need to simply import the pay per click ads on the AdCenter with the given tools. You can also create a new campaign for the AdCenter for which you need to first find out the keywords relevant to your business. Like all other pay per click advertising services, this would mean that users are able to come across your advertisements whenever they type something relevant to your services or products on search engines. The next thing to do is to create a meaningful, good ad which will appear on Yahoo and Bing search engine pages. The Microsoft AdCenter is considered the best place to place ads since they offer a number of boosting services for advertisers which can be undertaken without investing too much time or money.

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