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"On Page optimization is one of the most critical factors to the success of your SEO campaign"


In terms of search engine optimization, offpage optimization refers to factors that have a direct effect on your web site or web page listings in the natural search results such as link popularity and page rank. The factors are mostly offsite and can neither be controlled by you nor the coding on your page. It mainly depends on what other sites have to say about your site. Basically it is a long term process and needs time to improve. To put it simply – off page optimization is all about your reputation online and includes acquiring back links to your page from the authority site in your niche. Although the efforts are not apparently visible on the webpage itself, it still makes up for a back ground work for an excellent search engine. The efforts of off page optimization can be grossly divided into two parts:

Acquiring Backlinks: Acquiring Backlinks to your pages from the sites of high authority has become very important as search engines always treat link popularity as one of the vital factors for a major search engine listing. Today, the success factor surely depends not on the number of inbound links, but building a trail of quality links for your site.

Social interaction with your site: Using social engagement or social metrics as a ranking factor is becoming an increasing trend and Google is now giving prominence to the social signals that is built around your content.

Promote your content with the help of social media: Promoting your content through multiple social media channels for obtaining social media traction can keep your audience engaged. The various platforms that are at your disposal include facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest etc.

Guest Blogging: Another way of off page SEO optimization is guest blogging and it is a strong way of acquiring back links where you have to create relevant and high quality content and submit it to blogs with higher page rankings.

For a successful and long term offpage SEO optimization strategy, you need to work out on the structure of your site as well as getting Backlinks and create community around the content of your site.

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