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Students Show Greater Improvement at the presence of Online Evaluation System!

Evaluating the knowledge of students through regular (read, traditional) tests is a process that involves a group of 'subject matter' experts assigned with the role of evaluators to assess the tests. Over a period of time, scores of papers are checked and marked before the numbers are fed into the result sheets. Though we have invariably warmed up to this idea, the process itself is rigorous and time consuming and not free from human errors!

Enter the online student evaluation system and a 360-degree transformation promises to do away with the laborious and unnecessarily lengthy procedure.

So what exactly is this evaluation system that is seen as a worthy successor to a method that has been followed for decades? Lets' find out.

Evaluating students' performance online

An efficient online evaluation system for students is a customizable web application that facilitates the test and assessment of students in a very convenient fashion. Every student is assigned a user ID through which they can log in to a secure webpage and sit for the appropriate test. The tests can be chosen by the admin from various options like multiple choice test and true/false test under various categories. Once the tests are submitted, real-time results can be generated automatically for the students to see and review their performance. The entire process is online and removes the prospect of any human interaction. Administrators can use this online teacher evaluation system to avoid human error and ensure greater effectiveness.

How effective is the online system for students?

The online evaluation system for teachers has been designed to not just set tests and assign marks, but ensure complete accuracy and apply training modules to improve the knowledge of students. With the facility to narrow down to test level and difficulty level analysis, teachers can now better focus on the attention needing areas. Online student evaluations allow for a detailed result summary, thereby helping teachers in preparing better learning modules and practices. Compared to the conventional evaluation method, the online system is a much more effective method in improving the knowledge of students by leaps and bounds.

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