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"Bringing students and educators closer"

Virtual Classrooms: Bringing students and educators closer?

In today's close-knit world, it makes more sense to bring education under one roof, and a virtual classroom helps you achieve just that. By using virtual classroom software for online teaching, universities can connect their students with the experts on a subject matter from across the world. And this can be possible however remote they are from each other. The virtual classroom training solutions aim to make learning interactive by offering an easy to use web-based administration portal for managing sessions and mapping courses the institute offers. Besides these, there are other administrative controls like creating the records of students, batches, etc from Excel files.

The dynamics of a virtual classroom

A virtual classroom like the real one works on the principle of synchronised learning, where both the parties – the teacher and the participating students – are signed into the virtual learning software (at the same time). And to make this possible, you need to install the best virtual classroom software for your outfit.

The software should facilitate application sharing, making PowerPoint presentations, chatting both in public and private, and of course recording of the sessions for future reference of the students. Of course, you would also need to hire an admin who knows how to set it up and run it whenever needed. All that remains are the basic infrastructure for the session and a steady, sturdy satellite or internet link to power the audio-visual uplink. To be on the safe side, the connection would have to be strong enough to facilitate the video bit-rate.

Making 'distance learning' easier

For schools, universities and businesses, virtual classrooms are an ideal way to accommodate distance learning programmes. Virtual classroom for universities is the future of higher education, a concept that is yet to find takers in the sub-continent as it already has in the West. By employing video conferencing, live streaming, web conferencing, the virtual classroom software enhances the quality of education and makes it more interactive. It provides students with effective communication tools such as audio/video sharing and message sharing to further their interests in their area of specialisation.

When it comes to imparting education and skill, the world is a small place indeed, thanks to virtual classrooms!

Features of an LMS

You can use an LMS to better control the registration process; create class schedules and waiting lists. Moreover, content uploading and managing becomes a lot easier. Top 10 learning management systems including Moodle also allow delivery of course content over the web with periodic creation and uploading of course calendars.

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