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"You Familiar with the Very Useful WordPress Page Editor"

Are You Familiar with the Very Useful WordPress Page Editor Yet?

People intending to explore WordPress - or already know about the award winning blog and website development platform – can find the WordPress post or page editor within the admin section. WordPress post or page editor helps to create content for uploading on a website. While many people may already be using the services of wordpress may yet don't completely know how awesome the WordPress post editor is and how many useful features that the module comes with.

Though you can also use a few plug-ins to explore the additional functionality of default WordPress page editor anytime, but only the best of Wordpress Development Company (from India, better, for the usual price condition attached) can help you with know how to use a page editor at its best.

Here, however, we have shared a few tidbit on how to go about harnessing the maximum out of your Wordpress editor.

Essential tips to maximize the use of WordPress Post Editor

Get familiar with the screen options It is the metaboxes like Tags, Publish, Format, etc. that make up the WordPress Editor page. A good Wordpress developer in India knows this. The metaboxes make the screen appear crowded. It is possible to remove the unwanted metaboxes from the home screen. You just have to go to the 'Screen Options' drop down, click on the same and uncheck the metaboxes that you don't want and they will instantly disappear.

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Take advantage of the kitchen sink Using the default mode of WordPress Editor will not allow you to use the kitchen sink. Thus, to access the kitchen sink, you need to click the last sign on the extreme right side called the toolbar toggle. The toolbar toggle lets you use many advanced controls like switching between paragraph and headers 1 to 6, changing text color, and pasting text in the format and style of your website.

Know the keyboard shortcuts Novice Wordpress developers may not know about the keyboard shortcuts. It is only a renowned company offering Wordpress website development services in India that is familiar with keyboard shortcuts to perform multiple tasks within the page editor!

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