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Yahoo search marketing is an internet advertising service provided by Yahoo ever since it took over Overture Services Inc. earlier known as was a creation of Idealab and happened to be the first company to come up with the service of providing paid placement searching service with success. Though there were such services before, they did not score well. The Yahoo search engine marketing is particularly good for those who are seeking to advertise their business online in new and unexplored ways and thereby hoping to explore a potentially rich market. 'Keyword Research Tool' and 'Track Yahoo Search Ads' are some of the most highly efficient tools used to find out the appropriate keywords.


  • Keyword Search and Selection
  • Ad copy Creation
  • Keywords must be included in the body text of the ad for internet users to find your ad when searching online.
  • Unlike what is usually thought, ads placed at the top of a page are presented in a condensed form and those in the lower part of a Yahoo search page are presented in full length. The latter gives you more exposure.
  • Bidding on a keyword basis helps you save a lot of money rather than bidding on categories. This is a tactic followed by large advertisers.
  • It is never wise to include only a few highly searched keywords but rather a smart idea to use multiple less looked up keywords. Together, these will expand the volume of keywords if you use keyword research tools.
  • Instead of diverting the ad to your home page, create a landing page for making the most of Yahoo paid marketing. This page needs to contain the keywords you have used in your advertisement but need not be a page users arrive at using their normal navigation.
  • There are both plural and singular forms of keywords which a lot of people fail to realise. As a result of this, using the plural forms of keywords will make you better positioned than other advertisers since these are not used by them.
  • To know how well your efforts are going, you will need to track your results but relying on Yahoo marketing tools alone for this will not suffice.

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